SUBJECTLIST not creating Subdump file when ran with Linux GWCheck

  • 7010039
  • 20-Jan-2012
  • 07-Jun-2013


Novell GroupWise 8 Support Pack 2 Hot Patch 3


Need to know list of subjects from a user with a bad rule in order to clean up hundreds of thousands of messages from user and message databases.
Run SUBJECTLIST using the Linux GWCheck on the GroupWise server.
After the GWCheck has finished, the subdump file is no where to be found on the server.


Updated June 7th 2013 - This portion of GWCheck was overhauled for GroupWise Windermere, which should be available this Fall.  A lot of changes went into improving this feature, as well as changes to behavior and functionality.

Either run the GWCheck from Windows to create the subdump file or guess part of the subject line in the emails you wish to delete using SUBJECTPURGE.  The more general the guess, the more likely chance there is of legit emails being deleted.  If trying to delete emails with "Ice Cream" in the subject line, and the purge command is executed using the word "Ice", emails containing the subject line of "Ice Tea" or "I want Ice" will also be deleted.

Additional Information

See KB 10052747 - Removing messages from the message and user database with GWCheck, for assistance in setting up and running GWCheck with the SUBJECTLIST and SUBJECTPURGE options.