No new mails synced on a mobile device after user`s initial sync.

  • 7010037
  • 20-Jan-2012
  • 03-Jan-2014


Novell Data Synchronizer
Novell GroupWise 8


You add a new user to both, GroupWise and mobility connectors, and after a while the user shows as Synced in the monitor tool of mobility connector. The user can connect with a mobile device to the Datasync server and is able to sync all his mails but any new item from his GroupWise mailbox never makes it.


A reason behind is a possible problem with either his GroupWise account of his PO. After you add a user to a Datasync server, it shall create within his GroupWise user database so called GWEvent Notification container that holds an information what mailbox items shall be sent and to what server. Along with this change inside a user database, also his POA shall be aware of it as it is actually the POA that sends slaps to the Datasync server about his new items that need to be synced.
In order to find out which part is wrong, you need to enable authenticated HTTP access to the POA. After you authenticate to his home POA, go into Configuration tab and the SOAP Event List. If the user is not listed there, then a problem might be on the Datasync server site. Please refer to the TID 7010023 Unable to see some users in the POA SOAP Notification List or Event Configuration List to check your Datasync server configuration.
If the user is listed there (also multiple times), then check from the HTTP interface the Event Configuration List. This lists all users that have some GWEvent Configuration information in their user databases. Check is the connection information there shows actual Datasync. Shall the user be listed there multiple times or with a wrong Datasync info (like with old IP or DNS entry), you will need to delete them. You can follow the TID 7005743 How to delete GWEventNotification keys in GroupWise.