Sentinel report results are not being emailed because the default send email action was deleted

  • 7010006
  • 13-Jan-2012
  • 26-Apr-2012


Sentinel Log Manager 1.x


The default "Send an Email" action was deleted and email report notifications are not sent.

By default, for the "Send an Email" action, the associated SMTP integrator is tagged "SentinelDefaultEMailServer" which is what is looked up by SLM for sending out emails.
When one deletes this default "Send an Email action", the associated SMTP integrator is also removed from integrator_config table in the DB. When an admin creates a new or custom "Send an Email" action, the associated integrator instance that gets created, does not get tagged as "SentinelDefaultEMailServer". The result is sending emails fail as SLM is not able to identify the default SMTP integrator.


An already created SMTP Integrator needs to be tagged as the "SentinelDefaultEMailServer" in the database.

Please contact NTS support and refer to this TID for someone to dial-in and fix the database entry.

This issue will be addressed in a later release by not allowing the default Send Email action to be deleted.