Unable to view documents in Vibe 3x.

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  • 30-Dec-2011
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Vibe OnPrem 3


You imported few documents in some File folder in a workspace. Now, instead of downloading the file, you want rather to VIEW it. However, when you click on View link, the exported document in the HTML format is not showing only partial information. 


This problem originates in missing / bad true-type fonts on your server. This is more typical situation for the Linux platforms, especially if you installed and run the Linux server without X environment. Such type of the installation does not include the true-type fonts installation.
The Vibe installation that runs in a text mode does not detect the true-type fonts location and if you skip it or type incorrect path, this has then a negative impact on all parts of the Vibe that do depend upon the Stellant viewers that do require such fonts to generate the HTML version of the previewed document.
Make sure that the  /usr/share/fonts does include also true-type folder with all files. If it is not present, install them via YAST from your SLES11 file repository location.