OES11 Create Driver Store fails - IPP Error 0x500

  • 7009920
  • 22-Dec-2011
  • 15-Mar-2019


Novell iPrint for Linux Open Enterprise Server 11


Attempting to create the Driver Store object to an Open Enterprise 11 server results in the following error:

Error Create Driver Store Failure

Driver Store could not be configured: Request (SERVER_ERROR) - bad status code (0x500)
iPrint Lib Error: 0x1000001
IPP Error: 0X500


Add a # in front of the line of the OES11 server's /etc/hosts file and re-attempt to create the Driver Store object.

Note: An IPP Error 0x500 is a somewhat generic message.  There are multiple reasons this message can occur.  It is possible the information in this TID will not resolve the problem.


This problem can be prevented by NOT checking the "Assign Hostname to Loopback IP" option during the initial installation.

Additional Information

During the OES11 installation, there is a check box option which results in resolving the server's DNS name to  By checking that option, the line is added to the /etc/hosts file.  The iPrint plug-in asks IP to resolve the server's name during the Driver Store creation, resolves it to the address, and hits the above error.