SecureLogin does not work with Windows app

  • 7009898
  • 14-Dec-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin
Windows application


SecureLogin does not act upon login dialog
Securelogin works only sometimes
SecureLogin fails to log user in unless MessageBox is added to the script before the login
Application does not maintain focus.
Focus does not remain on the app after "username" is entered


Add logic to the application definition that sets the focus on the application before the username is entered and returns focus to the application before the password is entered, similar to the following:

Set Focus #0       (See Note 1 in "additional information" section) 
Type -order $username #14  (See Note 2 in "additional information" section)
Delay 300
Set Focus #0 
Type -order $password #11

Additional Information

Note 1:
Adding a message box to the script brings focus back to the application.  SetFocus does the same thing.  #0 is the control ID for the title window, or in many cases the entire window. This particular app had no specific identifiable control fields, so focus was set to the main application window (#0) and Type -order was used.  If Window Finder or ScriptBuilder tools could have identified specific control fields for the username and password fields, those control numbers could have been used in place of #0.

Note 2:
Change #14 to match the order field, or if a specific control ID can be identified use that instead of -order.  For help identifying these fields see TID 7009324 - "How to identify control fields for SecureLogin"