Receiving rescheduled appointment as email from lotus notes.

  • 7009895
  • 14-Dec-2011
  • 23-Jul-2013


Novell GroupWise 8 Support Pack 2 Hot Patch 2
Novell GroupWise 2012 Support Pack 1


When an appointment is sent from GroupWise to Lotus notes system, while rescheduling the appointment the lotus notes user receives an error "Object variable not set". Once the appointment is rescheduled the GroupWise user receives the appointment as mail messages with .ics file attached, it shows both to and from fields as being the GroupWise user, rather than the to being GroupWise user and from being the lotus notes user. Looking at the mime it shows correctly.


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Additional Information

Steps to Duplicate:-
  1. Launch GroupWise  client and login as user.
  2. Click on new appointment, mention the lotus notes user address and schedule the appointment.
  3. Click on send a appointment, accept appointment on lotus notes user.
  4. Re-schedule the appointment on lotus notes appointment.
  5. Receive error on lotus notes user as "Object variable not set".
  6. Receive re-scheduled appointment as mail messages, with .ics file attached.