How to import hashed passwords into eDirectory

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  • 07-Dec-2011
  • 01-Feb-2017


Novell eDirectory 8.8 for All Platforms


Passwords can be imported into eDirectory via an LDIF in MD5, SSH, CRYPT, SSHA hash.

The following are the steps required to import the password hash.


eDirectory LDAP requires the hash to be in base64 format.

One way to create an MD5 hash in base64 format is to use the following command:

echo -n <password> | openssl md5 -binary | base64

EX:  echo -n novell | openssl md5 -binary | base64
Returns: idqALKKBPp73J1bMsH4jVQ==   for the text: novell

Add the text returned to an ldif file.

EX:  user.ldif
dn: cn=user,ou=users,o=novell
changetype: modify
replace: userPassword
userPassword: {md5}idqALKKBPp73J1bMsH4jVQ==

Ensure there is no password policy applied to the user that will be modified via the ldif file.

Add the following variables to the pre_ndsd_start script and restart ndsd.  Default location is /opt/novell/eDirectory/sbin


Make sure both SIMPLE PASSWORD and DIGEST-MD5 NMAS methods are installed. 

Set the SIMPLE PASSWORD method as the default method.

Use ice with the -l option for the LDAP destination hander.
Description of -l option:
Stores password values using the simple  password  method of the Novell Modular Authentication Service* (NMAS*). Passwords are kept in asecure  location  in  the  directory,  but key pairs are not generated until they  are  actually   needed   for   authentication   between servers. This improves the speed with which an object  that  has  password information can be loaded.

EX:  ice -v -SLDIF -f /tmp/user.ldif -DLDAP -s192.168.0.10 -p389 -dcn=admin,o=novell -w password -B -l

To cause the new password to be added to Universal Password:

Assign a password policy to the user.

Bind as the user with the newly added hashed password using ice.  ice has a built in mechanism that will check Simple Password.  

EX:  ice -v -SLDAP -d cn=user,ou=users,o=novell -w novell -s -p389 -F cn=user -DLDIF -f /tmp/user.out

Test binding using the newly imported password.

EX:  /usr/bin/ldapsearch -D cn=user,ou=users,o=novell -U user.users.novell -h -p389 -Y DIGEST-MD5 -b o=novell cn=user   dn

EX:  ndslogin user.users.novell

Additional Information


1.  Hashes must be in base64 format to import correctly into eDirectory.
2.  Use ice with -l option on the LDAP destination handler so that the password gets imported into the Simple password.
3.  Do not use the eDirectory version of ldapsearch to bind using the DIGEST-MD5 password.  The eDirectory version of ldapsearch is unable to perform the DIGEST-MD5 authentication.