SLP - How to see or verify the IP address registered for a service in SLP

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  • 05-Dec-2011
  • 30-Apr-2012




How to see or verify the IP address registered with a specific service in SLP.


Test Server:  testserver with IP address of
The HEX equivalent of the IP address is: 0A0A0A01

At the console of the server type:

slptool findattrs service:bindery.novell:///testserver<enter>

You get back:

slptool findattrs service:bindery.novell:///testserver

Notice the hex 0A0A0A01 pattern.
2-1-6 is the TCP attribute
2-2-17 is the UDP attribute

Notice that in this case you provide the service and verify that SLP returns a service with the correct address.


To verify that the correct TCP address was registered from testserver in the bindery.novell service with SLP type:

display slp services bindery.novell//(svcaddr-ws==2-1-6-0A0A0A01*)/

You will get back:


Notice in this case that you are providing the IP address in hex format and seeing if SLP has a specific bindery.novell service (in this case testserver) with an svcaddr attribute that matches the pattern that you provide.

If no service is returned then SLP does not have a bindery.novell service with the address you provided.

The wild card is important because the svcaddr attribute likely has more than one entry.  (UDP and TCP)

Understanding the command you can then try to shorten the search string to something that includes all bindery.novell services that have an IP address that matches the first hex value.  (In essence all services that match: 10.*.*.*)

display slp services bindery.novell//(svcaddr-ws==2-1-6-0A*)/