Resolve anything in a zone (*.domain) to an IP address

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  • 05-Dec-2011
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell DNS


How to configure a DNS server to resolve anything in a zone that it is authoritative for.
Must be able to type <anything>.MyTestZone and have an address returned.

DNS Server is authoritative for MyTestZone.
There are lots of records in this zone.
ljkxr does not exist.
Send a request for ljkxr.MyTestZone to this DNS server and get an address back


MyTestZone is hosted by MyServer
MyTestZone has an A record for MyServer with as the IP address

Create a wild card (*) CNAME record in MyTestZone

In the DNS DHCP management console
- Highlight MyTestZone
- Click the Create button
- Choose Resource Record and click Ok
- Owner Name: *
- Choose the CNAME radio button
- Domain Name of Aliased Host: MyServer
- Click Create

Restart named.
using dig or nslookup point at the DNS server
- test MyServer.MyTestZone and verify that you get back.
- Try anything that is not defined as an A record (Example: ljkxr.MyTestZone) and see that you still get back