ERROR: large file found

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  • 02-Dec-2011
  • 27-Apr-2012


PlateSpin Migrate 9 +


A Linux Take Control (File-Based) migration fails with any of the following errors:
Reconnect failed with Platespin exception: (visible either in the source workload or target machine consoles)
large file found (visible in the diagnostics)
larger file found (visible in the diagnostics)


Solution 1:
Instead of running a Take Control migration, run a Block-Based (Live) migration (license permitting). 
Solution 2:
1. On the source workload locate the directory or volume containing the file indicated with the "large file found" or "larger file found" error message.
2. Run the following command:
  ls -l /path/to/failing/file
3. Run the following command:
  du -h /path/to/failing/file
4. Compare the two file sizes given (file size from step 2 and file size on disk from step 3).  If they are very different the failing file could be sparse.
5. Either remove the sparse file from the source workload (by deleting the file or moving it to another workload) or use a utility like tar to package the file and keep it on the source workload.