Unable to remove unwanted users from a proxy list of a multiuser calendar.

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  • 29-Nov-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8


There are various situations that lead into a problem when you are unable to remove unwanted users from a proxy list of a multiuser calendar. For instance, when the MU Calendar was configured in the past using older client version (GW7 and older), then using GW8 client you could remove the user from a configuration (proxy) list of the MU Calendar but these user entries return back once you go back to the MU Calendar list.
Another typical situation is that a user was deleted from the system. We do not remove such user entry from the MU Calendar as this would cause immense backlog for larger systems to check each user account and check whether the deleted user was defined in any of the users MU Calendar. 


Due to a design changes in newer GW8 client, now it is possible to remove these unwanted users. Simply login in your mailbox and go into File | Proxy ... This gives you the same proxy list that you see in the MU Calendar configuration. If you remove unwanted users from there, this stays permanent.
Since this feature was there before but was not always working, you might get bad results despite of following these steps. Therefore in such cases try to get GW8.02 HP3 client (or newer) and repeat the same steps.