Access Gateway Service FormFill does not post input field type "submit"

  • 7009750
  • 16-Nov-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Access Manager 3.1.2 Access Gateway Service on Linux


  • Environment has been moved from using the Linux Access Gateway to the Access Gateway Service
  • An existing FormFill policy which worked fine with the LAG stopped working using the AGS
  • The login form hosted on the webserver includes an input field of type=submit which is required by the web application server in order to login


Use on of the two options to solve this problem
  • use a custom char rewriter rule to to replace "type=submit" with "type=hidden" and place this rule on the very top of any existing rewriter rule (including the default rule)
  • edit the original login page to replace the "type=submit" with "type=hidden"
  • The difference between the FormFill Process on the LAG and the AGS has been reported to engineering

Additional Information

  • For troubleshooting use a http trace utility (e.g. Live HTTP Headers" plugin for Firefox or the "ieHTTPHeaders)
  • Compare the FormFill initiated post between the working an non-working scenario
  • Any input field of "type=hidden" will be added to get posted during the FormFill login process