iPrint Auto Driver Update prompts printer re-install after each reboot

  • 7009725
  • 10-Nov-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint for Linux
Novell iPrint Client for Windows
iPrint Auto Driver Feature Enabled
Migration or XML rebuild executed


After an iPrint migration or a database rebuild (xml import) has been performed, the following message appears on workstations after each reboot if the iPrint printer has a profile assigned:

The Administrator has modified the driver/profile for printer \\server\PAname. Please wait while this printer is updated.


Apply the iPrint Client version 5.74.

Workaround options:

  • Turn off the Auto Driver Update feature
    • within iManager -> Print Manager -> Printer Agents -> Uncheck the Auto driver/Profile update
  • Wait for updated iPrint server code which resolves this problem.

Additional Information

With the Auto Driver Update feature enabled, iPrint printers installed to workstations which have one of the following changes should be auto re-installed to the workstation:

  • print driver association
  • updated the profile
  • changed the profile assignment
However, after the Print Manager database is built with an XML import (as a result of an iPrint migration or iprntman --xml-import), the time stamp values are changed for the printer driver profile.  That time stamp change triggers an auto re-install of the iPrint printer to the workstation.  in the case of this bug, the iPrint client version 5.69 and earlier is requesting to auto re-install the iPrint printer after every boot, even when no change has been made to the iPrint printer.
Novell engineering has found this issue can be resolved in either the client code or server code.  As of the writing of this article, the problem has been resolved in the 5.74 version of the iPrint client and there are plans to also resolve this in the iPrint server code.