Changing eDirectory user password of a LUM enabled user from server command line

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  • 02-Nov-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell eDirectory 8.8 for Linux


Need to change the eDirectory password of a user from Command Line of Linux server running eDirectory


  1. Ensure eDirectory is running listening on 389 and 636 port.
  2. "netstat -antp | grep 389" should show as listening.
  3. "netstat -antp | grep 636" should show as listening.
  4. Ensure namcd is working fine and id admin is working fine.
  5. "rcnamcd status" should show as running.
  6. Browse yast2 | User Management.
  7. Under "Expert Options" select "Authentication and User Sources".
  8. Select LDAP.
  9. Under "User Authentication" select "Use LDAP".
  10. Under "LDAP Client" section provide the address of the eDirectory LDAP server under section "Addresses of LDAP Servers".
  11. Do a "Fetch DN" and browse the user container where user reside in eDirectory.
  12. Ensure "LDAP TLS/SSL" is checked.
  13. Go to "Advanced Configuration" under "Administration Settings".
  14. Provide the "Administrator DN" in LDAP format (for example: CN=admin,O=novell).
  15. Select Accept and if prompted to install any packages proceed installing the packages.
  16. Select Finish.
  17. Select Accept.
  18. Select Finish.
  19. Edit /etc/nsswitch.conf file and ensure nam is is used by passwd and group if not add it and save the file.
  20. passwd: compat nam
    group: compat nam
  21. LUM enable a User in eDirectory using iManager and ensure "id <user name>" is working from command prompt.
  22. Open Command Line from server and authenticate with the LUM enabled username and password.
  23. Use "passwd" command to change the password of the user.

Additional Information

  1. Using the above steps will not allow user to login from GUI, the login will only be possible from Command Line.
  2. The password of the user will be restricted to maximum of 8 characters, if password longer then 8 characters are given the server will trim the password to maximum 8 character length.