iFolder web.log File Not Being Created

  • 7009613
  • 21-Oct-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iFolder 3.8


iFolder 3.x has extensive logging capabilities and the majors subsystems of iFolder each generate their own logs, except the /ifolder interface.  For example, the server itself logs to the simias.log file;  the /admin console logs to an admin.log file (found in /var/log/ifolder3/admin.log); and the client itself logs events.

The /opt/novell/ifolder3/%lib/simias/webaccess/Log4Net.config file identifies a web.log file that should get created in the /var/log/ifolder3/ folder, with the default setting on which events to log being set to DEBUG

This file is non-existent, and creating the file by hand and assigning appropriate rights to the file does NOT cause writing to the log to begin.


This issue has been reported to engineering.  Currently there is no work around to this issue.