French Accented or Swedish or Umlaut Characters garbled on iOS 5

  • 7009591
  • 18-Oct-2011
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack
Apple iOS 5
Mail in HTML format
Mail with Encoding Default ISO and Microsoft Standard


French Accented characters or Swedish Characters or Umlaut Characters garbled on iOS 5
Unable to read some Umlaut characters on iOS 5
Same email with French/Swedish/Umlaut characters work fine on iOS 4.x.x


Please follow all the steps listed below
  1. Please update to GroupWise 8 Support Pack 3 or later or please upgrade to GroupWise 2012. GroupWise 8 SP3 can be downloaded from
    At the time of writing this TID, GroupWise 8 Support Pack 3 has not been publicly released. Please contact Novell Technical Services to get the fix.
  2. Edit  /etc/datasync/configengine/engines/default/pipelines/pipeline1/connectors/mobility/connector.xml and
    remove any "<defaultCharSet>" tag.
  3. Please download Mobility Pack 1.2.3 or later. Mobility Pack 1.2.3 can be downloaded from
  4. Please follow the steps in the TID listed below to update to Mobility Pack 1.2.3