Dependency bundle list not updated until published

  • 7009587
  • 21-Jun-2012
  • 30-Jun-2012


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2


When a bundle has a dependency on another bundle, example: bundleA has an action to launch bundleB, both bundleA and bundleB show a populated "Dependency Bundles" list on the General tab in bundle details.  If a copy of bundleB is made, all three bundles will show a "Dependency Bundles" list.
For sandbox bundles, even if the action to install bundleA is removed from bundleB and copyBundleB, then bundleA still shows a populated "Dependency Bundles" list even though no bundle is dependent upon it.


Publish the bundles, which will clear the false dependency list.


This is working as designed.
This is an expected behavior for the bundle sandbox version.  ZCM won't update the Bundle Dependency until the "Install Bundle Action" is removed from the published version. 
Normally, a zone contains both test as well as normal devices and this sandbox version bundles are applicable only for test devices.  To the normal devices only published bundles will be flow down, that is the reason ZCM does not remove the bundle details from the "Bundle Dependency".