Modify the iManager Console Timeout value

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  • 13-Oct-2011
  • 05-Nov-2012


Novell iManager 1.5
Novell iManager 2.0.2
Novell iManager 2.5
Novell iManager 2.6
Novell iManager 2.7


How to modify the iManager timeout value so the user will stay logged in longer or shorter than the default settings.


For iManager 1.5.x
On NetWare, modify the sys:\webapps\eMFrame\WEB-INF\eMFrame.cfg parameter Security.timeout=.  The default value is 60 minutes.  Changes to this value require a restart Apache/Tomcat.
On Windows, the default path to the configuration file for iManager 1.5.x should be C:\Program Files\Novell\Apache\Tomcat\webapps\eMFrame\WEB-INF\eMFrame.cfg

For iManager 2.0.x / 2.5
On NetWare, modify the SYS:\tomcat4\conf\web.xml file
On Windows, modify the C:\Program Files\Novell\Tomcat\conf\web.xml file
On Linux, modify the etc/opt/novell/tomcat4/web.xml file

Change the session-timeout value
(Note: The default session-timeout value on iManager 2.5 is 30 minutes.)

 The following setting allows you to change
 the session timeout. The default is 10 minutes
 Remove the comment tags to enable

Once the file is modified, stop tomcat (TC4STOP) and then start tomcat (TOMCAT4)
For Mobile iManager 2.6
Modify the following:

For iManager 2.7
Linux - Server Version (default 30 minutes)
Linux - Workstation Version (default 30 Minutes)
Windows - Workstation Version (default 30 minutes)
For iManager 2.7.2 and greater
You should no longer edit the web.xml file to make this change. There is now a setting for this timeout in the Authentication configuration options for iManager. You can set the timeout by going to:
Configure -> Configure iManager -> Authentication -> iManager Server Timeout Settings

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