ZCM 11.2 - putting an image on a device is no faster when using the new NTFS driver

  • 7009549
  • 11-Oct-2011
  • 07-Nov-2012


Novell ZENworks 11.2 Configuration Management Imaging


After uploading the Tuxera high performance NTFS driver (ZCC > Configuration> Device Management> Preboot Services and in the section for Tuxera High Performance NTFS Driver Integration Settings go to  Upload the Tuxera high performance NTFS driver) and waiting for it to be integrated (by checking the status), images pushed down to devices are no faster than before


In order to take advantage of the Tuxera high performance NTFS driver, images must be created using the driver; so recreate the images.

Additional Information

This driver option is not available with ZCM 11.1 or earlier; it requires the updated imaging components in 11.2

Note that in addition to the PXE files being updated, a new bootcd called bootcd_tntfs.iso gets created as part of the integration, in the folder
/opt/novell/zenworks/preboot/bin/winutils (Linux)
%ZENWORKS_HOME%\bin\preboot (Windows)