Synchronize password option is grayed out

  • 7009509
  • 07-Oct-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Client for Windows XP/2003
Novell eDirectory
Novell ZENworks


When using the Novell Enhanced Smart Card Method (NESCM) to login, after a successful login to eDirectory, the user is prompted for Windows password. However the check box for "Change your Windows password to match the Novell password after a successful login." is grayed out.


The "Change your Windows password to match your Novell password after a successful login." can be grayed out /disabled for any of the following reasons:

The eDirectory password is considered to be expired.  The Novell Client doesn't intend to permit a "change my password to match another password" at the same time as a "change my password because it's expired" is occurring.
The password field is disabled (not displayed) on the Novell Client login UI.  When we don't know what the current eDirectory password was (because no password field is enabled to collect it), we can't offer to change the Windows account password to match it.
The "DisableSynchronizeNTPassword" configuration policy is being used to prevent the option from being changed, such as described in TID 10077459.
A ZENworks 10.x or later ZENworks agent is present and a ZENworks Dynamic Local User (DLU) policy is enabled, and the workstation doesn't have NWGINA.DLL 15MAR2011 or later installed. This updated NWGINA.DLL is obtained by installing the ZENworks HotPatch or later released versions which include this fix (not as a Novell Client FTF release).

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