Can DAS read from AD, ADAM or LDS directories?

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  • 03-Oct-2011
  • 28-Jun-2013


DAS 2.0
SecureLogin installed in AD or ADAM mode
Active Directory, ADAM or LDS directory environment


With DAS installed in an eDirectory environment, configuration can be done with either an Actions.xml file, or in the directory through the DAS iManager plugin.

Is it possible to configure DAS at the directory level in an AD, ADAM or LDS directory environment?


Unfortunately, no.   When AD, ADAM, or LDS are used as the directory for SecureLogin, DAS cannot be configured in the directory.  DAS can be configured in the directory only with eDirectory.  With any other directory DAS must receive it's instructions from the Actions.XML file on the local workstation, not from the directory. 

Workaround:  Use ZfD or similar to push out the Actions.XML files to the workstations.