Can not establish SSL connection to Remote Loader

  • 7009471
  • 03-Oct-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager 4.0
Novell Identity Manager - Remote Loader


Can not establish an SSL connection to a Windows Server running the Remote loader.
Remote Loader traces show error: Error during SSL handshake

Confirmed certificates were properly imported on Windows Server


The above symptom was found to be caused by 2 separate issues.

1: Within the Driver configuration the KMO field was written in uppercase. This field must be set in lower case

2: Timing issue caused by slow or poor communication links between the Engine server and the Remote Loader server. This was resolved by increasing the "handshake timeout" value in the Remote Loader instance configuration. For example:

         connection "port=8090 handshaketimeout=10000"

Where the handshaketimeout value is in Milliseconds. A value of zero means never timeout.
Initially try with the zero setting to determine if this in fact is the issue