Datasync Mobility Server not getting updates from Post Office

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  • 26-Sep-2011
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise 8.0.2
Novell Data Synchronizer Connector for GroupWise


Data Synchronizer server GroupWise connector is configured correctly but updates are not being received from the Post Office

Errors identified in the default.pipeline1.GroupWise-AppInterface.log file include:
    SOAP method loginRequest returned 53365
    Unknown status code: 53365

A LAN trace of traffic between Datasync and the Post Office indicates the error:
    Invalid IP address for trusted application


Make sure the symptoms and error messages identified in the Situation are occurring as described as there may be other reasons the Post Office and Data Synchronizer server are not communicating.

The Trusted Application key was created with a configured IP Address that did not match the Data Synchronizer Mobility server. This can be corrected by removing the IP Address from the Trusted Application Key's configuration.

1. In ConsoleOne select the menu item  Tools | GroupWise System Operations | Trusted Applications...
2. Select the Trusted Application key entry and click Edit
3. Click the pencil icon/button at the end of the TCP/IP Address field to edit this value
4. Remove and TCP/IP Address or DNS name values
5. Click OK
6. Click OK

Additional Information

Trouble shooting the default.pipeline1.GroupWise-AppInterface.log file provides the following excerpt details can be found if the logging is enabled with both Debug and Verbose settings: (Note - the excerpts have been simplified for readability by removing the sections where .... is listed now)

2011-09-19 17:31:56.959 DEBUG_VERBOSE .... [] About to use soap client 550665040 for method loginRequest
2011-09-19 17:31:57.052 DEBUG_VERBOSE .... [] SOAP method loginRequest returned 59923
2011-09-19 17:31:57.052 DEBUG_VERBOSE .... [] Done with soap client 550665040 for method loginRequest
2011-09-19 17:31:57.052 DEBUG_VERBOSE .... [] loginRequest: Redirecting this user to POA at address: ""
2011-09-19 17:31:57.053 DEBUG_VERBOSE .... [] About to use soap client 178933584 for method loginRequest
2011-09-19 17:31:57.067 DEBUG_VERBOSE .... [] SOAP method loginRequest returned 53365
2011-09-19 17:31:57.067 DEBUG_VERBOSE .... [] Unknown status code: 53365

The first three lines represent a normal login request that results in a redirect to a different Post Office. The return code 59923 is equivalent the GroupWise SOAP return code of EA13 or "Redirect user to different post office". This occurs when the user is not in the Post Office the Mobility server is configured to connect with initially.

The next four lines represent the login request to the redirected Post Office and results in the return code of 53365. This is equivalent to the GroupWise SOAP return code of D075 or "Invalid IP address for trusted application".

The online GroupWise documentation for creating a trusted application for use with Data Synchronizer states:

IMPORTANT: If you are creating the trusted application for use with the Data Synchronizer Connector for GroupWise, as described in "GroupWise Trusted Application" in "Mobility Pack Installation" in the Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack Installation Guide, do not specify an IP address or DNS hostname.