Force VMWare Tools Install From a Package Instead of Using ISO

  • 7009420
  • 22-Sep-2011
  • 01-Aug-2017


PlateSpin Protect 10.1+
Migrate 9.1+


The configuration service fails to find that the VMWare Tools ISO is attached, causing the VMWare Tools installation to fail or fail to run.


To include the VMWare Tools as a package, thus eliminating the need to attach the ISO, follow the steps below.  These steps only apply if the ESX server is version 4.0 or 4.1.

1. Start a Windows VM (Windows 2000 or later)
2. In the VMWare Infrastructure Client (VIC) or vSphere Client right-click on the VM you just started (or already had running) and select "Install/Upgrade VMWare Tools"
3. Within the VM copy the contents of the CD drive to another location (preferably not on the same machine)
4. Use a zip utility (such as WinZip or WinRar) to package the contents copied in step 3 and change the extension of the resulting .zip file to .pkg.  Note: Do not simply select the folder housing the contents and package that.  Select the contents under that folder and pacakge them together; otherwise the package file will be invalid and unusable.
5. In the Migrate server run ..\PlateSpin Migrate Server\bin\OfxBrowser.exe
6. Click Go
7. Expand Packages
8. Expand PlateSpin
9. Right-click on the Athens folder, hover over Tasks and select Add package
10. In the new dialog box enter the path to the .pkg file created in step 4.  Also, ensure that one of the following IDs is entered:

If using ESX 4.0:


If using ESX 4.1:

11.  Open the following file with notepad:
..\PlateSpin Migrate Server\Web\web.config
..\PlateSpin Protect Server\Web\web.config
12. Locate the following line:
<add key="ConfigService.ForceInstallVMToolsCustomPackage" value="false"/>
Change the value from "false" to "true"
13.  Run the following executable:
..\PlateSpin Migrate Server\bin\RestartPlateSpinServer\RestartPlateSpinServer.exe
..\PlateSpin Protect Server\bin\RestartPlateSpinServer\RestartPlateSpinServer.exe

14. Run a full replication for the workload in order to get these changes added into the Failover VM