SSL enabled iPrint printers consume concurrent connections

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  • 21-Sep-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint Client for Windows


iPrint client authentications fail when a user's "Limit concurrent connections" is set to 1.


Increase the concurrent connections to 2.  If this answer is unacceptable, email with the subject of "iPrint SSL authentication consumes connection".  Within the body of the email state why this resolution is unacceptable.

Additional Information

Even though one workstation is involved, two clients are making connections.  The Novell Client for Windows consumes 1 connection.  The iPrint client uses the 2nd connection.  These are different connections, one over NCP, the other over LDAP.   While iPrint is affected (failed iPrint authentications), this issue is caused by the definition of a connection.  SSL LDAP authentications count as a connection.  This same situation can be observed with a generic LDAP browser.  
To validate this statement, do the following test:
  1. Set the user's "Limit concurrent connections" to 1.
  2. Authenticate with that user using the Novell Client for Windows. 
  3. From the same workstation, use a generic LDAP browser (there are many free ones which can be downloaded) choose to authenticate with that same user over SSL.
  4. The authentication will fail.
The iPrint client authentication is no different than the LDAP browser test over SSL.