Unable to see the contents of a mail in Quickviewer in Home Folder

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  • 14-Sep-2011
  • 06-Nov-2012


Novell GroupWise 8


Unable to see the contents of a mail in Home Folder Quickviewer
Message disappears from quickviewer if Home Folder contains Calendar in Month Mode
Contents of an unread Message can be seen for a moment in quickviewer and then it disappears


Please download and install latest Support Pack for GroupWise 8 Client. Latest build of GroupWise 8 can be downloaded from

Additional Information

Steps to Duplicate:
  1. Configure two panel in Home Folder - Mailbox and Calendar
  2. Set the Calendar in Month Mode
  3. Now enable quickviewer by clicking on View | QuickViewer
  4. Switch to the Home Folder and click on an Unread mail and move the mouse. Contents of the mail is seen and then it disappears