Found Less Disks Than Expected During Partitioning

  • 7009298
  • 05-Sep-2011
  • 01-Aug-2017


PlateSpin Migrate 9.0+


When attempting a migration to a physical target the "Creating and Partitioning Volumes" step fails with an error similar to the following:
Found less disks than expected during partitioning.  Expected 9 but found 8


1. Open the ..\PlateSpin Migrate Server\Web\web.config file with Notepad
2. Locate the following two lines:
<add key="DisableX2PDiskRuntimeValidation" value="false" />
<add key="DisableX2PPartitionRuntimeValidation" value="false" />
3. Change both values to "true"
4. Run the ..\PlateSpin Migrate Server\bin\RestartPlateSpinServer\RestartPlateSpinServer.exe

Additional Information

This error is caused by extra disks existing on the target.  For example, if there is a virtual CDROM drive or virtual FDD attached to the target it may get discovered when registering the physical machine.  This can be verified by confirming the following information:
1. On the target machine enter the following commands:
There will only be 8 disks listed (or whatever number the error states are seen). 
2. In the Migrate client right-click on the physical target and select Properties
3. Go to the Drive tab and select the Physical Disks radio button.  There will be additional physical disks listed with a size of 0MB