ERROR: "NWSMTSConnectToTargetService" while taking backup of a Post Office with Library using TSAFSGW

  • 7009264
  • 30-Aug-2011
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
Novell Open Enterprise Server Linux


Unable to backup Post Office with a Library using TSAFSGW
NWSMTSConnectToTargetService:  (line = 702) while backing up a Post Office using TSAFSGW


Please run a contents check with storelowercase option on the Post Office
  1. Launch Standalone GWCHECK.
  2. Database Type - Post Office | Database Path - PathToThePostOfficeDirectory | Post Office Name - NameOfThePostOffice | Object Type - Post Office.
  3. Action - Analyze/Fix Databases with Contents/Fix Problems selected.
  4. Click on the Misc tab and type storelowercase .
  5. Click Run.

Additional Information

An example of when this issue may be seen
Post Office\gwdms directory has a folder called lib000a. (Notice lib000a is in lower case)
Post Office\gwdms\lib000a have files dmdd****A.db  (Notice all the files have A in upper case)