Changes in DST schedule for Russia.

  • 7009234
  • 24-Aug-2011
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 8


This year (2011) Russia has decided not to follow a regular DST changes for winter / summer time schedule.


There are two places where a change is needed:
1. At the system level.
  • You can start C1 and from Tools | GroupWise System Operations select Time Zones.
  • Find appropriate TZ entry and click on Edit. Here you can disable "Observe Daylight Savings Time" option.
2. Update user mailboxes via GWCheck.
There is a special MISC option "TZChangeFolder" that has been introduced already in GW7 code. You will need to use following syntax:
where the first date is the from data, the second date is the until date which is optional and is the negative sign indicator if the TZ is negative and hhmm are the hours and minutes of the time zone.
When run, the option will create a query folder for each user that they can examine to see if the times need to be changed.
The query will be all appointments within that date range that were created with a TZ offset not equal to hhmm.
For more details, please, look at following TID:
3215561 Novell GroupWise 7 SP3 GWCheck tzchangefolder information