Exception in URLUtil.getDocumentFromInputStream during plogout

  • 7009228
  • 23-Aug-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Access Manager 3.1 Linux Access Gateway Service


Seeing an exception message in catalina.out during a plogout request.
The exception message has the following key terms:
- Method: URLUtil.getDocumentFromInputStream
- Exception message: "Premature endof file."
The exception message does not appear to cause any noticeable functionality loss and the logout was successful.


The exception is cosmetic and can be ignored. 

Additional Information

An example of the full exception message:
<amLogEntry> 2011-06-21T19:13:37Z DEBUG NIDS Application:
Method: URLUtil.getDocumentFromInputStream
Thread: TP-Processor19
XML Error on the following document:
Exception message: "Premature end of file."
     y, Line: 1570, Method: A
     y, Line: 1238, Method: parse
     y, Line: 3396, Method: getDocumentFromInputStream
     y, Line: 1785, Method: doSOAPRequest
     y, Line: 304, Method: sendSOAPRequestWithCookieBrokerResponse
     y, Line: 2691, Method: successfulLogout
     y, Line: 2069, Method: logoutSessions
     y, Line: 3493, Method: localLogout
     y, Line: 2759, Method: handleLogout
     y, Line: 2842, Method: handleRequest
     y, Line: 2789, Method: myDoGet
     y, Line: 1467, Method: doGet
     HttpServlet.java, Line: 627, Method: service
     HttpServlet.java, Line: 729, Method: service
     ApplicationFilterChain.java, Line: 269, Method: internalDoFilter
     ApplicationFilterChain.java, Line: 188, Method: doFilter
     StandardWrapperValve.java, Line: 213, Method: invoke
     StandardContextValve.java, Line: 172, Method: invoke
     StandardHostValve.java, Line: 127, Method: invoke
     ErrorReportValve.java, Line: 117, Method: invoke
     StandardEngineValve.java, Line: 108, Method: invoke
     CoyoteAdapter.java, Line: 174, Method: service
     JkCoyoteHandler.java, Line: 200, Method: invoke
     HandlerRequest.java, Line: 291, Method: invoke
     ChannelSocket.java, Line: 775, Method: invoke
     ChannelSocket.java, Line: 704, Method: processConnection
     ChannelSocket.java, Line: 897, Method: runIt
     ThreadPool.java, Line: 689, Method: run
     Thread.java, Line: 662, Method: run</amLogEntry>