Extended chars are not displayed correctly on GroupWise site.

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  • 16-Aug-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise Gateway - 7.x Gateway for MS Exchange (GWEX)
Microsoft Outlook 2007


Exchange users send HTML formatted mail to GroupWise recipient over the GWEX gateway. GroupWise recipient does not see extended characters in a message body displayed correctly.
When Exchange user sends to a GroupWise recipient the same mail but over the Internet, all looks fine.
When GroupWise client sends a HTML mail with extended chars over to Exchange recipient, all looks fine.


It has been found that Outlook 2007 does not include a Mime encoding in HTML formatted message body. Whether this is also your case, open received mail by a GroupWise client and right-click in a message body. Go for View Source menu option which displays a text formatting. You will notice that there is possibly no Mime encoding information in a text HTML formatting of a message body. Since there is no Mime encoding information included in a message body, GroupWise client is unable to "guess" what kind of Mime formatting was used upon creation of such message.
If the Outlook client sends the same mail over the Internet, then Exchange SMTP service does include Mime encoding information. Then GroupWise client also can display a text correctly.
This situation can happen for any client used for sending mails between GroupWise and Exchange systems. The only resolution will be to replace a client that has this problem.

Additional Information

Steps to duplicate:
1. Open a web browser and hit some site with extended chars in whatever language. Highlight and copy a part of text that includes extended chars.
2. Start Outlook client and login into Exchange mailbox.
3. Go into Tools | Options | Mail Format.
4. In Message format select HTML and then click on International Option button bellow. Select Preferred encoding into UTF-8, for instance. Then save those new settings.
5. Compose a new mail, select a GroupWise recipient from GAL and paste a text from a clipper - step 1. Send a mail.
6. On GroupWise recipient site open received mail. You will notice that extended chars are not displayed correctly. Now right-click into a message body window and select View Source option. This shows a HTML formatting of the text. There will be no Mime encoding information listed at any place.
7. Repeat the same steps but now sending a mail to Exchange recipient.
8. You will notice that mail with extended chars are displayed well in Outlook client. If you right-click inside a message body text and go for View Source menu option. You will notice that HTML formatting includes in some place at the beginning chaste definition that GroupWise client was using upon composing this mail.