My GroupWise databases were renamed into TRN file extension, what shall I do ?

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  • 16-Aug-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8


Some users cannot login in their mailboxes. POA reports C05D errors on belonging user databases. When searching for a user database in ofuser directory you notice that a database file was renamed and has now TRN extension.
Similarly some message databases turned into TRN files. This cause some users suddenly cannot send mails and POA log file shows C05D error on a message database. 


Such situations usually happen after migration from NetWare into Linux platform or around this time when you consolidate databases. A common reason behind is that you were running GWCheck with a MISC option storelowercase option while your POA was running. The MISC option storelowercase does what it stands for, namely getting all GroupWise databases renamed into lower cause and such new file names then get registered in so called store catalogue of a guardian database. However, when you run this MISC option whilst POA is loaded, then a check cannot rename some databases as these are locked by POA. It results then in a situation when the GWCheck changes these locked databases a TRN file extension. Since you now know a reason behind these file names, you know how to fix it. Simply stop POA and rename TRN extensions into DB as it should be. You can re-run again the standalone GWCheck with the MISC option storelowercase option to let the check to finish its job. Then and only after the check is finished, you can run your POA again.
Keep in mind that storelowercase MISC option indeed tries to rename GroupWise databases which fails if POA is active and locks databases.