How to pre-cache print drivers to speed up iPrint printer installations

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  • 04-Aug-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint Client for Windows


Some print drivers are very large.  When an iPrint printer is requested to be installed via the /ipp page, ZENworks, iCM, or any other method, the print driver must be copied via port 631 (opened by Apache) to the workstation.  Once the print driver is installed to the workstation through the iPrint client, subsequent iPrint printer installs with the same driver associated won't be copied to the workstation.  However, if the print driver is installed to the Windows system by some other means, the print driver must still be copied to the workstation.   
A feature was introduced in the 5.64 iPrint client to allow administrators to pre-cache that print driver to the workstation (prior to the installation of the iPrint printer) to speed up the installation for the first time install of any iPrint printer which has that same driver associated. 


  1. Download the driver to one machine:
    • On at least one machine which has the iPrint Client version 5.64 or later installed, type the following command at a cmd prompt:
      • Syntax:
        iprntcmd --fetchdriverlocal ipp://<IPorDNSorServerHostingiPrint>/ipp/<iPrintPrinterName>
        •     Note: The <iPrintPrinterName> should be the name of an iPrint printer which has the driver associated that you want a cached copy of the driver copied to the local machine. 
      • Example:
        iprntcmd --fetchdriverlocal ipp://
  2. View the cached driver:
    • At that workstation, browse to C:\NDPS\DRVR_CACHE\<os-type>\<DriverName>
      • You will see two files: details.bin and download.fil
  3. Distribute the driver:
    • Copy the <os-type> directory and its contents to every workstation which you want to have the driver cached locally.  Any method to copy the directory is fine. 
    • Alternatively, you can run the iprntcmd --fetchdriverlocal command to the workstations.
  4. Install iPrint printers:
    • Using any method you desire (/ipp page, ZENworks, iCM, etc), install the iPrint printer to the workstations which have the driver cached.  If the iPrint client version 5.64 or later is installed to that workstation, the print driver will not be copied to the workstation during the iPrint printer installation.  Instead, the printer driver file on the local machine will be used.

Following these steps can speed up printer installation times.