URL scheme is a required component

  • 7009080
  • 29-Jul-2011
  • 30-Apr-2012


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Service Pack 3
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux Support Pack 3


Trying to apply the "move-to-oes2-sp3" patch fails with this error:
ERROR: Transaction failed: Child exited due to SIGIOT

The above error occurs because there are no installation sources available. 
Typing in "installation_sources -s" causes this error to show:
URL scheme is a required component

Adding an installation source in Yast seems to work, but then is missing when going back in to view the sources again.  They are never truly saved.

The command "/usr/lib/zypp/zypp-query-pool products" returns empty.


The zypper cache has become corrupt.  To resolve this issue, do the following:

1.  rczmd stop
2.  rm /var/lib/zmd/zmd.db
3.  rm /var/lib/zmd/zypp-owned-catalogs
4.  rm -rf /var/lib/zypp/cache
5.  zypper ref
6.  rczmd start

Wait for the zmd service to stop building it's database.  You can check the /var/lib/zmd directory, and look for the zmd.db-journal file.  If it exists, zmd is still building it's database.

Once the zmd database is done rebuilding, go into Yast and put the correct install sources back as they used to be (SLES10SP3 and OES2SP2).  Whether those be from ISO files or a network install source.

Verify that the product files are installed using the following commands:
rug pd -i
/usr/lib/zypp/zypp-query-pool products

If those return blank, follow TID 3150078 to reinstall the SLES10 SP3 and OES2SP2 product markers.

With the install sources back in the zmd and zypper databases, and product markers installed as well, run "installation_sources -s" again, and you should now have valid output.  If so, go ahead with the "move-to-oes2-sp3" patch again, as that should now work.