Validation error indicating missing components on target VC when trying to configure a migration job

  • 7009076
  • 08-Jun-2012
  • 13-Jun-2012


VMware Vcenter/Vsphere server (with atleast one ESX server) discovered with a user account with insufficient permissions.


When trying to configure a migration job for a workload and selecting a VMware Vcenter server as target host, Migrate client shows validation error with following message:

No volumes were found;
No datastores have been found on target container.;
The target machine does not contain any host virtual adapters.

The above error message occurs due to missing information about target ESX objects.


Undiscover target host VMware Vcenter server and discover it again with a user which meets following requirements:
- Role is Administrator
- Permission is defined at root of vCenter server inventory


The error message doesn't point to the root cause. The underlying reason for the error is that when VMware Vcenter server was discovered, the user did not have sufficient permissions to discover all ESX objects (datastores, portgroups, network adapters, etc.). Due to missing information about target ESX objects, validation error occurs.