How do I remove a server from the Tree when the actual server is already gone.

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  • 28-Jul-2011
  • 06-Aug-2013


Novell eDirectory 8.8 for All Platforms
This server is not the time provider.


Previously removed the server without removing DS.
There are other replicas of all partitions on the server that is no longer physically in the tree.
The server object was still in the tree
Removing the server from the tree that no longer runs


Perform the following steps:

1. If the server was a Master for any partitions, designate a new Master for any partitions that will be left without a Master. This should be done via DSREPAIR -A(NetWare) or ndsrepair -P (Linux) or dsrepair.dlm -A (Windows).
2. Make sure the old server was not the only Time Source.
3. Delete the old server object with iManager. This will remove the server from all replica rings. The volume objects will go unknown for the server. Remove the volume objects in iManager.

Additional Information

The old server object is still in the tree and needs to be deleted.
Formerly known as TID# 10020383