-334 Errors with Regex command after upgrade to NSL7

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  • 27-Jul-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin
“RegSplit” command in application definition


Error received after upgrade from NSL6.x to NSL7.x:

Error executing Application Definition line  <xx>.


Changes made in NSL7 now show an error that existed but was ignored in NSL6.  There are two solutions to this issue:

Solution 1:
Add the following command to handle the error the same way it was done in NSL6 (i.e. to ignore it):

OnException RegSplitFailed

With this line in place the -334 error will be suppressed, as it was with NSL6.x.

Solution 2:
Examine the ReSplit command to determine the reason for its failure.  Make sure the input variable provided to the RegSplit command matches what is expected by the RegSplit command.

Additional Information

The -334 error indicates that the RegSplit command could not be executed because the input variable did not match what the RegSplit command expected.  When this error occurs the result is simply that the input variables are not changed by the RegSplit command.   With NSL6 no error was shown if the RegSplit command did not change the variables.  With NSL7 the regex commands were standardized, and an error is now raised when the regex command and its input variables fail to match.

RegSplit "([^ ]+)" ?User ?User

Says to match the first set of non space characters
Set ?User "abc123  no"
gives abc123
Set ?User "  abc123"
gives abc123
Set ?User "   "
Since there are no non space characters, there is no match. This fails with error -334