Some Pending items shown for Calendar in Mobility Monitoring page

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  • 26-Jul-2011
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack


Some items just stay pending in Calendar in Mobility Monitoring page
New Calendar items sync fine but pending items do not reduce in Mobility Monitoring page


If new calendar items work fine and the Pending items in Monitoring page do not reduce, then those items are not suppose to sync to the Calendar at all. This is a bug where pending items are incorrectly shown in Mobility Monitoring page


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

Steps to Duplicate:

There are many instances that this can happen. The following is one of the instance
  1. Send an Appointment to any number of recipients excluding the Sender
  2. Now check the Mobility Monitoring page for Sender's account and the pending item number would increment.
    This item should not show up in the Calendar because the Sender is not in the recipient list but it still shows in the Pending items

Other instances are where the Appointment has been declined by the user and is not suppose to sync but still shows up in the Pending items