Exceeded # of Licenses error

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  • 25-Jul-2011
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Vibe OnPrem 3


Exceeded # of Licenses error.
Exceeded number of Licenses error.
Can't share files.


Customer believes that the error is incorrect and they have a full or unlimited user license.  There are two possibilities that will help resolve the issue.

1)  Go into Vibe as a admin, and on the right hand side there is a admin button that looks like a computer monitor, click that to go into the admin controls.  In the first section (Management), click the License option.  There are two lines to look for, "Allowed number of registered users" and at the bottom of the output if it says "Exceeded the number of users allowed by license".  If you see the following output, or something similar, especially at the bottom, then the license needs to be updated:

Key uid: <user id here>
Key Issued:  <when the key was issued>
Key Issuer: novell

Product Id: novell-vibe
Product Title: Novell Vibe
Product Version: 3.1

Effective: <when the key was issued> - does not expire

Allowed number of registered users:  10
Allowed number of external users:  Not restricted by the software. Read your contract to see how many users your license allows.

    <KeyInfo keyversion="3.0" epoch="1" uid="<user_id>" issued="<issued_date>" by="novell"/>
    <Product id="novell-vibe" title="Novell Vibe" version="3.1"/>
    <Dates effective="<issued_date>" expiration="1/1/2500"/>
    <Users registered="10" external="-1"/>
Exceeded the number of users allowed by license

You should be able to get a full license from your Customer Care Portal.  If you have problems finding it inside the portal, please contact our Customer Service Representatives for assistance.

2)  Have a lot of users been deleted lately/recently?  Or are there users that can be removed from Vibe?  If so, then the system can be reindexed which may help reallocate some licenses.  To reindex, under the admin, management options like before, select Search Index, select all the checkboxes and hit the OK button.