Calendar appointments showing up on wrong date or are deleted on device when sent/changed/resent

  • 7009016
  • 19-Jul-2011
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell Data Synchronizer 1.1
Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack 1.1.1


  • Mail & appointments synced to iPhone or iPad.
  • Appointments sent from the GroupWise Client don't show up on the day they were scheduled for.
  • Appointments sent from the GroupWise Client show up one day early on device.
  • If the appointment is accepted from GroupWise client, the appointment moves to correct date on device but after a few minutes is deleted from device.
  • If appointment is accepted on device, it moves to correct date and is not deleted.
  • Resent appointments encounter the same problem and brand new appointments, and will show up on wrong day and will be deleted.


Fixes have been checked into the DataSynchronizer Mobility code for this issue and should be available for the next public release after build 428, however, if Novell Development feels that the fixes pose greater problem, the fixes could be removed pending further review.  It is recommended that once the public release is released, please update to the newer code.

Novell has not seen this problem with HTC or Android devices.

Additional Information

Steps to reproduce:
  1. In GroupWise Client, send appointment from user1 to user2.
  2. As user2, see appointment in device. Notice that on device calendar appointment shows up one day early and is unaccepted.
  3. As user2, on device, notice that in the invitations section the appointment shows as "Accepted" when it shouldn't.
  4. Accept appointment as user2 in GroupWise client.
  5. Notice how appointment on device moves to the correct date.
  6. Wait several minutes and resync device. Notice how appointment for user2 is now deleted.