ZDM7SP1IR4HP7 agent - "Run Hidden" applications can be seen, "NALWIN" hangs

  • 7009011
  • 18-Jul-2011
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Support Pack 1 - ZDM7 SP1


  • agent from ZDM7 SP1 IR4 HP7
  • NALWIN32 hangs if started with a caption parameter, e.g., /c="ZENworks Applications"
  • applications set to "Run Hidden" can be seen when executing


A fix for this has been released at https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=2H0XVVnuTtw~  as "ZDM7SP1IR4HP7 - 'Run Hidden' applications can be seen, 'NALWIN' hangs - see TID 7009011"

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