How to create a RedHat subscription from in ZCM11

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  • 14-Jul-2011
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 11 Configuration Management Bundles
RedHat Enterprise Server 4
RedHat Enterprise Server 5
RedHat Enterprise Server 6


Mirror credential is authorized to download RES patches

ZCM11 is used to create YUM repositories.


To add a RES subscription use the following procedure:
  1. Open ZCC and login with administrator or an equivalent user.
  2. Go to "Configuration"
  3. In the credential vault select the credential that is authorized to download RedHat patches from
  4. Click on the "Subscriptions" tab
  5. Click on "New"  and select "Subscription".
  6. For type select "RPM-MD Subscription" and click on"Next".
  7. Give a "Subscription Name" and if needed change any settings on this page. Click on "Next".
  8. For "Remote Server URL" add:
    1. for RES4 64 bit:$RCE/RES4/x86_64
    2. for RES4 32 bit:$RCE/RES4/i386
    3. for RES5 64 bit:$RCE/RES5/x86_64
    4. for RES5 32 bit:$RCE/RES5/i386
    5. for RES6 64 bit:$RCE/RES6/x86_64
    6. for RES6 32 bit:$RCE/RES6/i386
      (remark: RES6 will be supported with ZCM11.1. Don't use this with ZCM11)
  9. For "Remote Server Credentials" select the credential that is authorized to download RedHat patches. For "Platform" select the appropriate platform. Click on "Next". It could take some time before the next screen appears.
  10. Select the catalog needed. By default all targets are being download. To change this, click on the (underlined) catalog and select the targets needed. Click on "Next" to continue.
  11. Define a "Schedule Type". Click on "Next" to continue.
  12. A summary will be displayed. When additional properties are needed check the box.  Click on "Finish" to complete the setup.