Access Gateway Service 409 Error during authenticating when "Overwrite Real user/Overwrite Temporary User" option is enabled

  • 7008992
  • 14-Jul-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Access Manager 3.1 Linux and Windows based Access Gateway Service
Novell Access Manager 3.1 SUpport Pack 3 applied
Linux Access Gateway appliance does not have the issue.


Basic Access Manager setup configured with an Administration server, Identity server and Linux based Access GAteway Service (AGS). The AGS is accelerating a Web server and has two protected resources. Two contracts (one of which has the method defined where "Overwrite Real user" option is enabled) are defined and one is assigned to each of the protected resources using the following steps:

1.Log onto Admin Console with administrator Credentials.
2.Go to Access Manager -> AccessGateway-->Edit
3.Assign "Contract A" to first protected resource and "Contract B"("Overwrite Real user" option is enabled) to second protected resource
4.update the server to apply changes

Have a test user access the first protected resource and log in as "user1".
In the same browser session access the second protected resource and when at the login page for this second contract,  login with another user"user2".  The following error will be displayed on the browser:

"Unable to authenticate. (409-esp-7271673232708786)"

where 7271673232708786 is the device ID for the AGS (will be different for all Access Gateway devices).

The first user should have been overwritten by the second user, instead of generating the error.


Issue reported to engineering.