Why is my ndsd.log file growing so large?

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  • 30-Jun-2011
  • 07-Aug-2015


Novell eDirectory 8.8 for Linux


While reviewing disk space utilization on linux, it was identified that the /var partition was 100% full.  In drilling through the file system (with the help of du -h --max-depth=1), it was identified that the /var/opt/novell/eDirectory/log  directory was using the lion's share of the partition.

Additionally, the /etc/opt/novell/eDirectory/conf/nds.conf contained the following parameter:


The quickest way to reverse this logging is to:
  1. remove the setting n4u.server.log-levels=LogInfo
  2. stop ndsd (rcndsd stop)
  3. move or delete ndsd.log (if you move it, insure it's to a different disk partition)
  4. either reboot the host or restart ndsd (rcndsd start)

Additional Information

The n4u.server.log-levels=LogInfo setting will log quite a bit of eDirectory information into ndsd.log.  The additional information will look very similar to the info one would see in ndstrace.  More information on this setting can be found in the eDirectory documentation (Configuring Error Logging).

Note: you cannot just delete the ndsd.log while ndsd is running as ndsd expects to always find the file.  If ndsd.log, or any other ndsd file is missing, the process will close down the DIB with a -6038 error to protect the database from corruption.