Wrong script is run after SecureLogin is enabled for a similar URL

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  • 27-Jun-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin
Multiple web pages with similar URLs enabled for single sign on


When a new app is enabled for SecureLogin the old one breaks.
After a new SecureLogin application definition is introduced the old one runs the wrong script.
SecureLogin launches the script for the new web page when the old page is visited

Previously SecureLogin had an application definition for
http://sub.mydomain.com.    Then an application definition for
http://mydomain.com   was created.   Now whenever
http://sub.mydomain.com   is accessed the script for
http://mydomain.com  is run. 
In this example the application definition for "sub" is a "Generic Wizard" type application and the application definition for "mydomain" is an "Advanced Web" type application definition.

This condition is not limited to a domain and a sub-domain as shown in the above example.  The same symptoms can also occur with other similar websites such as
http://sub1.mydomain.com  and 
when they are defined as different types of web scripts.


Make sure that all closely related URLs use the same type of web script.    The type of web script can be seen next to the application definition name in details of the application definition.

Additional Information

Not all NSL scripts for web applications are considered together as one big pool when SecureLogin looks for a match between the URL and an NSL application definition.  NSL looks at just one type of web script at a time to find a matching platform, searching through the various types of web scripts in the following order:
  • Web wizard definition (created with the NSL6 Web Wizard)
  • Web wizard script (created with either the NSL6 or NSL7 Wizard and converted to an application definition)
  • Advanced Web (created manually with NSL3.51, 6.x or 7.x)
  • Web (created manually with NSL3.51, or 6.0)
  • Generic Wizard Definition (created with the NSL7 Generic Wizard)
If SecureLogin finds a "close enough" match as it goes down the list it stops looking.  For example, if a suitable "Advanced Web"- type  application definition is found, SecureLogin will look no further, and the "Generic Wizard" - type web applications will not be checked at all because a match was already found.

Also, note that for all of the scripts of the same type a 'distance' function is used to find the one that matches most closely.  A longer match is better than a shorter match.