Adding a Virtual Server is failed

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  • 21-Jun-2011
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux Support Pack 3
Novell cifs
Cluster Enabled Shares


Cifs enabled cluster resource goes comatose
Error: Adding a Virtual Server is failed
Error: Unkown, Error Number: -603
cifs resource will not load
Virtual server object is missing nfap attributes


The nfap attributes are missing from the virtual server object. To resolve:

1.   Login to iManager
2.   Schema -> Object Extensions
3.   Browse to, and select your virtual server object
4.   Click the Add button
5.   Add the following:
6.   Click Close
7.   Select: Directory Administration -> Modify Object
8.   Browse to, and select your virtual server object
9.   Choose the "Other" menu below the "General" tab
10. Move the following attributes from the "Unvalued" column to the "Valued" column:
         ****** Please Note ******
          As you move these attributes over, you will be required to fill in a value for each.  The   
          CIFSServerName will be the Name you would like to give the CIFS server for name
          resolution.  The CIFSAttach should be the IP address of the resource you are CIFS enabling.
11.  Offline / Online the Resource

Additional Information


If you fail on step 5 to see the nfap attributes, the schema may not be extended for cifs.  To extend the schema, simply perform:

ndssch <adminuser.container> /opt/novell/cifs/schema/nfap.sch

If /opt/novell/cifs/schema/nfap.sch does not exist, there is a good chance that cifs is not installed on this server.  Install cifs and try again.