How to delete the user completely from Mobility Database

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  • 20-Jun-2011
  • 21-Jul-2014


Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack
Novell GroupWise Mobility Server


How to completely remove all references of the user from Mobility
How to completely clean the user from Mobility
Duplicate Items on the Device and removing and adding the user from the server and device does not fix the issue


Reinitializing user from the Mobility Connector wipes the Mobility Database for that user and performs an Initial Sync for that user again. Removing and adding the users from both the GroupWise and Mobility Connector also does the same thing.  However in certain cases, reinitialize or removing and adding the users from the connectors does not help because some references in the datasync database are still present. Please follow the steps listed below to remove the users from connectors including the database.

  1. Remove the user from Mobility using WebAdmin (see documentation for Managing Users)
  2. Download Novell Cool Solutions Tool - dsapp Mobility Administration to the Mobility server.
    • From a terminal window, change directory (cd) to the directory containing the downloaded dsapp.tgz
    • Untar the download: tar xzf dsapp.tgz
    • Run from a terminal window (select one of the following options):
      • ./ from the current directory
      • <fullPathToDirectory>/
    • should now present a menu in the terminal window
  3. Select User Issues | Remove & reinitialize user options... | Force remove user/group db references | provide the userID
    Note: The script will then query the database and prompt for removal, enter Y to remove any database references found.