Error: "Open Document (c05d)" when opening document in GroupWise

  • 7008732
  • 07-Jun-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8 Support Pack 2


  • Migrated GroupWise from NetWare to Linux using the Server Migration Utility.
  • GroupWise starts up fine, but users are unable to access their document from Document Management Services (DMS).
  • Attempting to access documents with the GroupWise client returns error "Open Document (c05d)".
  • Running GWCheck, Analyze/Fix Databases, with Structure and Fix Problems selected, and with the storelowercase option in the Support options field under the Misc tab, also does not fix the problem.


Manually renaming the DMS databases from uppercase to lowercase resolved the issue.

Additional Information

The Server Migration Utility, did not full convert all the databases.  In the POs/gwdms/lib0001 directory, the majority of the DMS databases were still in uppercase.  GWCheck gave a error on some of the DMS databases similar to "Warning- Failed- error rc=0x8209 dmdd0001.db ==> dmdd001.db /<PO_path>/gwdms/lib0001/dmdd0001.db", showing that it tried to convert the file, but unable to find the dmdd0001.db, as it was still in uppercase like DMDD0001.DB.  This would indicate that the guardian had record of the lowercase database.  After manually renaming the DMS databases in the lib0001 directory, it is recommended to run another GWCheck to make sure all the errors resolve, then bounce the POA to make sure old data is flushed out and the POA can get the new data.  The data should also refresh after about 30 mins.