NOWS SBE 2.5 - ERROR "selfcheck request failed: timeout waiting for ACK" starting an Amanda backup

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  • 06-Jun-2011
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition (NOWS SBE) 2.5


When setting up Amanda backup for the first time on NOWS SBE 2.5, you may see errors similar to the following:

amandabackup@jpetersen-sbe25:/etc/xinetd.d> amcheck DailySet1
"/etc/amanda/DailySet1/amanda.conf", line 93: warning: Keyword rawtapedev is deprecated.
Amanda Tape Server Host Check
Holding disk /dumps/amanda: 60804 MB disk space available, using 60704 MB
slot 90:read label `DailySet1-1', date `X'.
NOTE: skipping tape-writable test
Tape DailySet1-1 label ok
NOTE: conf info dir /etc/amanda/DailySet1/curinfo does not exist
NOTE: it will be created on the next run.
NOTE: index dir /etc/amanda/DailySet1/index does not exist
NOTE: it will be created on the next run.
Server check took 2.135 seconds

Amanda Backup Client Hosts Check
WARNING: selfcheck request failed: timeout waiting for ACK
Client check: 1 host checked in 30.045 seconds. 1 problem found.

(brought to you by Amanda 2.6.0p2)
You have new mail in /var/spool/mail/root


The Amanda backup daemon is run by xinetd.d, and the problem is in the amanda configuration there.

The /etc/xinetd.d/amanda file had the server path set to "/usr/lib/amanda/amandad" and in NOWS SBE 2.5 the path should be "/usr/libexec/amanda/amandab".

Once those changes are in place, run "rcxinetd restart" to restart the daemon that runs amanda.